Fundraising Tips

  • Go Viral

    • Social media has made it easier than ever before to share with friends and family that you are participating in the Brunch Run 5K

    • Utilize Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to recruit team members and to fundraise

    • Post a direct link to your personal fundraising page, ask your friends for support, provide updates on your fundraising progress and thank your contributors!

  • E-mail or Letter Writing Campaign

    • Spend an afternoon sending letters or e-mails

    • Always include a link to your personal and/or team page in your letter or email

  • Matching Gifts and Corporate Support

    • Request a casual day where fellow employees can donate $5 to wear jeans on a Friday

    • Organize a potluck where colleagues bring in dishes and coworkers donate $5 for lunch

    • Ask your company to sponsor each employee who participates for $25

    • Many companies offer corporate giving programs that match the funds that you receive

  • Daily Routine

    • Eat out for lunch every day? Pack a lunch and put your allotted lunch towards your fundraising goal

    • Spring Cleaning? Hold a garage sale with proceeds benefitting your team

  • Organize a Wrap-Around Fundraising Event

    • A wrap-around event is an individual fundraiser that you or your team organizes where the proceeds of the event go to your 5K team

    • Some ideas include: trivia night, karaoke night, chili cook-off, happy hour, wine and cheese party, or sports tournament