2020 Imerman Angels Brunch Run 5K & Walk: The Virtual Version Fundraiser

Donate to the 2020 Imerman Angels Brunch Run 5K & Walk: The Virtual Version

2020 Imerman Angels Brunch Run 5K & Walk: The Virtual Version

A note on COVID-19: As a cancer-support community, our work doesn't stop even as the world changes. Our Cancer Support Specialists remain on call to provide free, peer-to-peer support for cancer fighters, survivors, previvors and caregivers.

We recognize that at times of uncertainty and anxiety, the need for support is even greater. In these challenging and uncertain times, Imerman Angels remains here to support you and those you love.

Through our unique matching process, Imerman Angels partners anyone seeking cancer support with someone just like you – a “Mentor Angel.” A Mentor Angel is a cancer survivor or caregiver who is the same age, same gender, and most importantly who has faced the same type of cancer.

Our service is absolutely free and helps anyone touched by any type of cancer, at any cancer stage level, at any age, living anywhere in the world.

These one-on-one relationships give a cancer fighter or caregiver the chance to ask personal questions and get support from someone who has been there before. Mentor Angels can lend support and empathy and help cancer fighters and caregivers navigate the system, determine their options and create their own support systems. Frequently, caregivers experience feelings similar to those of the person facing cancer. Mentor Angels can relate while being sensitive to the experience and situation.

All donations are greatly appreciated. Here are some of the opportunities and initiatives that are funded by generous donors and fundraisers like you!

$50 - Help create community engagement materials for our healthcare partners and providers. This information is critical to helping us educate the community and spread awareness for our services so that we can support more people during their cancer journey.

$75 - Support Imerman Angels’ Hospital Outreach Events where an Imerman Angels’ Ambassador is onsite at a medical center with cancer fighters and their caregivers to help facilitate a match with a Mentor Angel.

$100 - Supply Training Imerman Angels’ Ambassadors, volunteers that spreads awareness with clinicians in healthcare settings and the public-at-large about Imerman Angels’ free services, so that people receive the support they need as they face cancer.

$250 - Support a Match through underwriting costs associated with providing a match between a cancer fighter, survivor, previvor and caregiver to a Mentor Angel so that no one faces cancer alone.

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Imerman Angels
Imerman Angels provides emotional support and free, personalized one-on-one connections between a cancer fighter, survivor, and/or caregiver (or a family impacted by cancer) with a "Mentor Angel" - someone who has had (or cared for another who did) the same cancer, same stage, and same life circumstances - so that no one faces cancer alone. This Mentor Angel has faced, through their own experience with cancer, what the cancer fighter or caregiver is currently facing and is there to provide emotional support to that person(s) in a very immediate and tangible way.


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